Gallbladder in Arizona

The gallbladder in Arizona is a storage organ under the liver that holds bile. Bile is made in the liver, and then put into small ducts, which empty into the extrahepatic bile and cystic ducts where it flows into the gallbladder. From the gallbladder, during meals, the bile flows out back into the cystic duct and then down the common bile duct (which merges with the pancreatic duct), out into the duodenum, right by where the stomach enters its contents after a meal.
Bile a fat emulsifier that breaks down the fat globules we eat into much smaller globulins which can then be digested by the pancreatic lipase enzyme. Also, the liver dumps processed toxins, drugs, chemicals into the bile to detoxify the body.
There is a very important ratio in the gallbladder: Cholesterol/bile (+) lecithin.
The five main ways that a gallbladder can cause problems is via: gallstones, biliary colic, and cholecystitis, under-functioning of the gallbladder, and post-cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder) diarrhea.

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